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Are you...

» Considering your first CRM?

» Looking to switch from your existing CRM?

» Using Zoho CRM but suspect you could be using it better?

» In need of having your old CRM data migrated into your Zoho CRM?

» In need of a custom App and heard that Zoho Creator might work?

» In the midst of a Creator project and need 'another set of eyes'?

...if any of these describe your present state, I can help you!



The Lingo

SaaS: Today, software is developed to run in your browser, any browser, from the Cloud, and if you can subscribe to it and use it immediately, then it's not just Cloud, but Software as a Service -or- Subscription, - SaaS for short, pronounced sass(y).

BYOD: 'Bring Your Own Device' - the growing shift in strategy & policy at many companies to allow you & your employees to use your own Smart Phones & Tablets.

Cloudify: Kloud-i-fi |Verb| to pass off old, tired software as Cloud or SaaS by packaging it in some half-baked browser wrapper. As one commenter said: "The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will now be available in the Cloud, too.

On Premises: Software was sold on CDs, or DVDs, or downloaded, and had to be installed, and if you owned more than one computer, say a desktop and laptop and home computer, you were expected to buy a copy for each computer $%!&. That was called On-Premises software or Dinosoftware and like dinosaurs, it's rapidly becoming extinct. 

The Value of a Trusted Partner

Looking to save time & money? Then engage the services and expertise of an experienced partner, who will get you up to speed, rapidly, the right way the first time. Focus on your business - and let us focus on helping you.

The Importance of Integration

Companies spend upwards of 8x the original cost of all of their software, getting them to work together. 8x! Zoho Apps talk to each other. Nothing more to do, other than save time and streamline your operation. CRM talks to Invoice talks to Project Manager talks to Campaigns talks to Surveys talks to SalesIQ talks to Motivator.


Why SaaS & Cloud?

Cloud & SaaS have passed the tipping point - they represent >50% of new software acquisitions. And for good reason - forget capital outlay for license purchases and Versions and Bugs and Patches and Service packs and Hot fixes and Support Agreements. Zoho installs new features and fixes defect on-the-fly, in real time. And Support is always included in your subscription.

Smart companies realize true savings by eliminating servers, reducing capital expenditures & cancelling managed support and maintenance contracts.

SaaS solutions are accessible at Anytime, from Anywhere, on Any device.

And your data is secure and continuously backed up for you, but you can download a full backup for safekeeping anytime.

On Being Mobile

Are you away from your office frequently? Do you have your data with you everywhere you go?  On your device? Or is that additional cost, more setup, and more points of failure? Are you limited to what the vendor supports? SaaS solutions are designed to run on all major hardware, including Windows, Mac, iPads, iPhones, Droid phones and tablets, and Chromebooks.  The device no longer matters - buy what you want, not what the vendor supports.

The Zoho Suite of Applications

Zoho isn't just CRM, it's actually the lynchpin in the Zoho portfolio of 28+ Cloud applications, including Project Management, Invoicing, Spreadsheet, Word Processing, Cloud File Storage and more. Start with ZohoCRM, add more as you need them, knowing they work together seamlessly. And Zoho is adding new solutions every day like Zoho Campaigns for Email Marketing, Zoho Survey, Zoho Pulse & Zoho Vault - the Password Manager.