Zoho CRM and App Integration

All projects begin with Zoho CRM, and expand from there. Integration among your Zoho apps is key to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the best known and most widely used of all Zoho App and for a reason. It is the most natural, easy to use of any CRM on the market. Zoho CRM offers a clean, intuitive user experience that your team will quickly embrace. Zoho continually refines the UX based on user feedback, while avoiding dramatic, unexpected changes. And Zoho CRM includes seamless, fully-functioned mobile apps for the mobile user.  And these days, everyone wants workflow and automation to free your CRM users to do their primary job – selling, marketing, and supporting – not constant data entry. Whether you’re at the evaluation stage, or you’ve started and decided you need some experienced help, we’re here to get you on the right path.

App Integration

Zoho long ago identified two disruptive forces at work in the software marketplace:

1) Software was becoming a commodity, much as hardware had become a commodity 10+ years earlier, and…

2) Studies showed that companies were spending 8x the cost of the software for  integration into their other systems.

Spend $10,000 on the popular CRM, and then spend $80,000 getting it to work with your other software? That indicated to Zoho that built-in integration would be the great differentiator in the crowded, commodity software market. Zoho Apps include superior integration to other applications, both Zoho and non-Zoho Apps. But frequently, these integrations are not obvious and it can take an experienced partner to guide you through the maze.

Our experience equips us to provide expert advice on how best to connect your existing and new apps into the ZohoSphere. And we’ll recommend only those integrations that we have found to be reliable and maintenance free. After all, you don’t want to pay us to continue to fix broken integrations and we don’t want to become a repair service, doing break/fix. That’s why we lead with and prefer all-Zoho solutions, because Zoho and SoftSkills will stand behind all Zoho to Zoho integrations.