Zoho Support Choices

Great software deserves great support. Zoho and SoftSkills deliver.

Great software deserves/demands great support, and Zoho and SoftSkills deliver great support. Zoho provides the day-to-day email, ticket, chat, and phone technical support, while Soft Skills provides the business advice, traditional consulting, and ongoing professional services to ensure your success.

Zoho offers these offerings:

  1. Basic Support covers free editions of relevant Zoho Apps, like CRM.
  2. Classic Support covers paid editions of Zoho Apps, and is included in your subscription. Depending on the product and edition, it may include email, ticket submission, chat, and even phone channels.
  3. Paid Support, at additional cost, is available in 2 choices – Premium, and Enterprise. They differ in response times and hours of coverage, and work provided.

Please visit this Zoho.com to learn more about the Included and Optional support.

Soft Skills provides ongoing business advice and consulting, best practices.

Such services are provided under our retainers, or free, depending on complexity, ease of answer, and degree of involvement.

  • Expertise and Experience for Advanced Tasks
  • Complex Workflow? Covered!
  • Deluge Functions? Covered!
  • Advanced Analytical Reporting and Dashboards? Covered!

How is our support different from Zoho? Or, who to I call/to whom do you turn for advice, help, questions?

Zoho is available almost immediately, 8×5, via phone or chat, whereas we are often engaged with other clients, training, meeting, deep in coding Zoho controls the code, and often knows quickly of new bugs, and since they control the code, only they can correct such defects.

Zoho only covers Zoho Apps and will not assist with non-Zoho apps, including that gray area between a Zoho App and a non-Zoho App. We do, and although it rarely happens, we’ll tell you what we like and don’t like about all Apps – Zoho AND non-Zoho.

We bring out business knowledge and experience to every situation – we can tell you best practices, guidance, which Zoho App will best serve your challenge.