Zoho CRM Web Forms – Major Improvements


It still amazes me that many SMB don’t have Web Forms on their web site. And of those that do, many aren’t automated.


What does it mean to be automated? If I go to your website and fill out your Contact Us form, and my information arrives as an email in some employee's inbox, that's not automated, because you're counting on that person to notice the email, re-enter it into your CRM and send or call the assigned rep, quickly, assuming they're not out that day, or on vacation, or even still employed there.

Zoho CRM includes Web Forms, which you can design and embed in your website that will:

1. Automatically add me into your Zoho CRM, either Leads or Contacts,
2. Automatically assign me to the right sales rep, based on my state, or product of interest, or area code or even assign it to your lead handler, who manually assigns it out, perhaps in round robin form,
3. Sends me a follow-up email, under the signature of the assigned rep,
4. Schedules a reminder task for the assigned rep to contact me. Quickly!

Now that's automation!

Unlike the old On Premises CM & CRM solutions that lack any modicum of Web Forms, and require you to buy more add-ons and integrate them yourselves, Zoho CRM includes Web Forms in your subscription.

Zoho CRM is a true SaaS application, meaning the Zoho developers are continually adding enhancements and improvements, in real time, without me having to buy the newest version, download and install it across of my sales team's computers, whether in the office or half-way around the world.

I mention this because just today I had to modify some forms for a client, logged in and found a completely re-designed Web Form function in Zoho CRM! They've added Captcha and File Uploads and Hidden Fields and a visual designer to simplify the process of matching the Web Form to the website, and I did nothing more than log in to use these new features. SaaS has freed me from being a break-fix repairman to being a true business consultant who can focus on growing your business. If you're still stuck on old PC-era, On Premises CRM software, ask me about moving you and your team to Zoho CRM, bringing along all of your data and getting a jump on those valuable web leads.