Zoho Signup

Sign up for a paid Zoho Account, get a free online learning session

Yes, that’s right – when you sign up for a Zoho CRM Account below, you’ll receive a one-hour online learning session, by me, for you and your users to get you started. Cloud Skills is an authorized Zoho Learning Partner. In our session, we’ll walk you through the Zoho CRM screen, teach you about Leads vs Accounts vs Contacts, show you how to add new records, record your interactions and schedule your reminders. We’ll answer questions about customizing Zoho CRM, linking to your Email, the value of Web Forms for Lead Capture and introduce you to other Zoho Apps.

Zoho CRM

  • Free edition of Zoho CRM never expires
  • Trial the paid editions
  • Upgrade at any time

Zoho CRM+

  • CRM and 7 other Zoho Apps including Marketing Automation, Helpdesk, and more
  • Exclusive Email Client for Sales
  • 30-day trial period for 10 users, cancel any time.

Zoho One

  • Includes Zogo CRM plus over 50+ Zoho Apps for your business
  • Includes a 30 day trial
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Paid annual subscription for 5+ users of Zoho One, ZohoCRMPlus, or Zoho CRM (Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate Edition).
  • Sign up using our affiliate link, above, so that we are your registered Partner Of Record.
  • One, one-hour live online learning session per organization, max 15 named users, using Zoho Meeting, recorded and shared with you for future use.
  • Offer also applies to organizations that are on a free Zoho CRM account and switch to a paid account and name us as P.O.R., and organizations still within their first 25 days of a paid subscription.
  • Participants are limited to named users in your Zoho Account.
  • One hour for 5-19 users, 2 hours for 20-29 users, 3 hours for 30-39 users.
  • Additional learning sessions and on-site sessions available under a retainer.