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Suspect you're paying too much for Salesforce?

Zoho vs Salesforce Annual Subscription Cost per User
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Some additional facts to consider...

  • Salesforce will pressure you to pre-pay for two years, but they'll settle for one year, never monthly. That means if your head count drops during that time, you've already paid for users you don't have, and you can't reduce the number of users once you've pre-paid, only increase the number. You'll have to wait for your next renewal.
  • The monthly subscription rates listed by Salesforce at are predicated on annual payment, since there is no monthly payment option.
  • The monthly subscription rates listed by ZohoCRM at are based on monthly payments, with a 10% discount if you choose to pre-pay annually But by paying monthly, you can reduce or increase your users anytime you choose.
  • Salesforce Contact Manager and Group Editions have a maximum of 5 users, and their inclusion is meant to engage you, at which time they'll pressure you to commit to the Professional Edition, at a miminum.
  • With Zoho, you can move up or down the Editions at any time to fit your changing needs if you pay monthly.
  • With Salesforce, since you're paying one to two years in advance, you can't drop down to lower-priced Editions, but they'll be happy to move you up Editions. Of course, you'll be re-signed up for another two years.

Don't be Forced into an expensive CRM solution with features you don't need and won't use !