Meet Kevin Chieff

I began my career in Sales, Sales Management, and Marketing with IBM, HP, Symbolics, and several startups in the days long before CRM. While at HP, I needed a database of my clients and wrote my first Contact database in Condor, an early RDB. Later, I learned of Act, the first software solution in the new and nascent market of Contact Management, and I became so enthralled that I struck out on my own and became an Act Certified Consultant. As time went on, Act became ‘long in the tooth’ and I found myself becoming restless, and relegated to being a repairman who was always ‘fixing’ Act, applying hot fixes and service packs just to keep it running. When Contact Management gave way to CRM with the disruptive introduction of Salesforce and the emerging Cloud/SaaS offerings, I realized that it was time to move on from Act, and I discovered Zoho, a true Cloud CRM with rich mobile apps and a deep development team from a company that eschewed everything that was wrong with the Silicon Valley mindset – we were both new to the Cloud CRM market and I’ve been a proud, exclusively Zoho Advanced Partner for 9+ years – one of the longest serving partners in the world. What does all of this mean for you? I’m not just a technician – I bring the business experience and knowledge of my years in sales & marketing, along with my implementation skills providing CRM solutions for companies large and small.

About Me

My Background

I operated an IBM 1401 in 1967 following my HS graduation and I’ve been hooked on computers ever since. I hate complacency so I have to be ever-learning, ever-improving.

What I Do

My practice is divided equally between:

  1. Supporting my own clients by moving them from older CRM software to modern, SaaS/Cloud CRM solutions, and helping them get the most from that investment, and…
  2. Migrating data for customers around the world when they move from older CRM software to ZohoCRM or Salesforce.

My Credentials

I was an ACT! Certified Consultant for 20 years, as well as a SalesLogix, GoldMine and Microsoft CRM Business Partner/Certified Consultant. Prior to that, I worked for IBM, HP & Symbolics in Sales, Business Development, & Marketing positions.

My Skills

Liam Neeson said in ‘Taken’: “…what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career.” In my case, those skills are a broad understanding of CRM at the deepest technical level – I understand computers, servers, networks, the Internet, relational databases, SQL, programming languages and User Interfaces. As a result, I am uniquely qualified to advise you and support you with your CRM solution.

My Epiphany

After watching the craziness of maintaining expensive, complicated computer networks and software at my clients, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s madness, and it’s got to stop. The culprits are Microsoft and the resellers who continue to push servers, desktops, laptops, networks, VPNs, and old On Premises software, perhaps because that’s what they know, or because they can’t give up the 30% margins. Increasingly, over the recent years, I’ve become a repairman – constantly doing what we call ‘Break-Fix’ – applying never ending patches, explaining why the software isn’t working, watching everyone point fingers – it’s got to stop. And I can stop it.