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SoftSkills provides your business a wealth of Zoho services and expertise.

Learn about the Zoho consultant services SoftSkills can offer your business. As an Zoho Certified Advanced Partner, SoftSkills has the time tested expertise to help your grow your business efficiently.

Zoho CRM and App Integration

Today, we expect our apps to communicate with each other and your CRM should be the hub. Telephony, softphones, and web leads should feed into it, customers should sync to accounting and project management software should connect them to projects, new hires should automatically be onboarded, timesheets sent to accounting, and chat should allow records to be shared across all of your apps.
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Data Conversion & Migration

Migrating your data can be a daunting task, but why do it yourself? This isn’t a skill you’ll need to know because if it’s done right, you won’t need to do it again. As a certified Zoho consultant, we’ve been converting other CRMs into Zoho CRM for nine years. We’ve got the knowledge and expertise to move your data from your existing platform to Zoho, quickly, accurately, thoroughly.
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Zoho One Onboarding

Zoho One has become a disruptive force in the software industry. What is it? It’s a Suite, or bundle, of more than 45 Zoho apps, from CRM, to Projects, to HR, to Marketing, Office, Desk/Ticketing, Field service, and more. All for one low monthly or annual subscription price per employee. It can even host your website and email. Think about all that goes into rolling out one new software app to your team, let alone 45! Clients use our Zoho consultant services to do it right the first time and provide ongoing administration.
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Zoho Support Choices

Where would you be without access to Technical Support and Assistance? And you have options, from Zoho, from a Soft Skills Zoho consultant, and from a blend of both.
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